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Sterven Jønger Website, you are welcome, but: BEHAVE!

STERVEN JONGER is an independent production company based in Milan, founded and run by filmmaker Marco Proserpio and Contrasto© photographer Jacopo Farina. Hiding behind the cult of multiple-use name director “Sterven Jønger”, the team has expanded over the years to cover all stages of the film production process. Sterven Jønger do research and produce a broad range of original contents such as short films, documentaries, web contents, installations and events. See portfolio here.

Everything you see in here is property of Sterven Jønger. This website does not use cookies. this website is plain html + javascript + some php in the near future and ofcourse some 3rd part odd-things like videos. This is the Real Sterven Jønger Website. handwritten by We Eat Together